• To increase market share by 30% in the health industry in the next five year.
  • To upgrade health service delivery and improve health care, cure and prevention of disease to our patients by 60% in eight years time.
  • Improve 10% employee productivity in two year.

Business Strategy
  • Providing the best possible care, including accident and emergency care at affordable cost for the sick and injured at all times
  • Giving prime importance to the welfare of patience including that of religion and customs should be respected
  • Recruiting skilled staff and update them with train fro time to time
  • Stimulate awareness of the Sunway Medical Centre excellence through improved communications systems within the hospital
  • Improving Reporting Systems by providing an online system for the customers
  • Developing systems to ensure effective recording, analysis, sharing and access to their data, and access to information sources appropriate to their needs for managing infection in their hospital.