Welcome to ISS Think Tank Group Wikispaces

Hello, everyone, welcome to ISS Think Tank group wikispaces. This space is provide to Information System Strategy Module' s assignment discussion for students who are currently working on Business Information Technology in APIIT/UCTI, Malaysia.

Group Details

Godfrey - Organizer (TP020843)
I am Godfrey, APIIT level three student pursuing my Bachelor Degree in Business Infrormation Technology, this is a wikispaces for ISS (Information Systems Strategy) module for Group Number 2 , also known as ISS Think Tank.

I am an organiser of the group, my interests are studying and reading, my hobbies are music listening and performance, movie watching and playing basketball

Li Jin - Member (TP015403)
My name is Li Jin, I am 23 years old from a beautiful city in Shan Xi province, China. I'm a final year student pursing BSc (Hours) in Business Information Technology in Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI), Malaysia. Currently, I am working on my group assignment about Information Systems Strategy module. This wikispaces is created to our group to share information to each others.

I am a member of this group, Godfrey is our group leader. On this module, we will do our best for get high level marks. My hobbies are studying, shopping and watching movie.

Wang Xiao Xin - Member (TP014759)
My name is Wang XiaoXin. I'm 23 years old and I come from Liao Ning of China, which is a beautiful place. There has beautiful beach and sea. Because of this reason so it called seashore city. I'm APIIT level three student pursuing my Degree in Business Information Technology. At here we will complete our group assignment, Information Systems Strategy module. And also share and upload our works to others.

My hobby is music listening and singing. I’m interested in music and play the piano. Sometimes I will go shopping with my friends.